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821 Virginia Avenue
Bristol, TN   37620

Phone Icon (423) 652-9311 Fax Icon (423) 652-9436

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School Phone

(423) 652-9311

Attendance Message

(423) 652-9446

Fax Number

(423) 652-9436

Want to find out if the school schedule is being altered due to inclement weather?  Just call...

 Snow Line 

(423) 652-9554

Please call this information line regarding weather-realated closings, rather than the school, since the school will also receive its information from this source.  Please discuss with your child in advance what he/she should do in case school is dismissed during normal school hours.

In the event of a two-hour delay, early Birds will not meet.  In the event of an early dismissal, after-school programs will not meet.