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Maggie Hall and Amy Marion Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
3rd Grade



Ms. Hall & Ms. Marion &


Welcome to third grade.  We are so excited to be your teachers this year.   Mrs. Hall will be teaching Math and Science. Mrs. Marion will be teaching Reading and Social Studies.  We look forward to a great year!


Mrs. Marion - One of my favorite things about my education is I attended Bristol City Schools all the way through High School. I love that I get to continue in Bristol as a teacher. I went to elementary school at Avoca, middle school at Vance, and high school at THS! After I graduated from Tennessee High, I wanted to stay at home. I attended ETSU in Johnson City where I received my degree in K-6 Elementary Education. I plan on going back to school in the next few years to receive my Masters.


Mrs. Hall- While I attended schools on the Virginia side of the state line all through high school, I made the switch to Tennessee for my college studies.  I received my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Education from King College in 2009. 


Mrs. Marion - While I was in college I wanted to gain as much experience in education as I could. I started subbing in Bristol City. I subbed for almost 7 years. I started teaching 5 years ago at Avoca in 3rd grade as a Math teacher. I was then moved to Fairmount to teach 4th grade Reading. This is m 4th year at Fairmount. I am super excited to be teaching 3rd grade again this year.


Mrs. Hall- Teaching has also been a passion of mine.  My mother was a school teacher, therefore, I watched and learned from her skills.  I begin tutoring students while in middle school and enjoyed watching their younge minds grow.  This only affirmed that I should become an educator. After graduating college, I took a teaching position on the Virginia side and taught second grade one year before making the move to Bristol Tennessee City Schools. 



Mrs. Marion - 

    I am a mom to a wonderful 10 year old son. Being a mom is my favorite thing! I love spending time with my family and going on vacation. Some of my favorite things are Disney, Fall, chocolate, chicken, apple pie, family, crafting, and Christmas!

Some of my favorite things:                            Things I don't like:

Chicken                                                         Bugs

Pizza                                                             Sushi

Flip Flops                                                       Winter

Fall                                                                Lying

Vacation                                                        Snakes

Teaching                                                        Being Late

Crafting                                                         Mayonnaise

Chocolate                                                      Being away from family

Shopping                                                       Mud

Disney                                                           Scary Movies

IKEA                                                             Doing Laundry

Cheesecake                                                   Sharks

Sweet Tea



Mrs. Hall- I am Mrs. Hall and I am so glad to be teaching third grade math and science this year.  This is my second year teaching math and science as I have previously been teaching reading.  Math is a passsion on mine and was always my favorite subject in school so I am very excited about the year to come.  Outside of school, I love spending time with my 3 year old son, Malachi and my husband, Mr. Hall.  Family is very important to me and I am very blessed that most of my family lives close by.