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Accelerated Reader Links and Info

Accelerated Reader Book Find  

AR Book FinderWant to know if your books at home have A.R. quizzes? Wondering how many points you can earn from the book you checked out at the library? A.R. Book Finder will allow you to easily search for books that will help you meet your A.R. goal. Click on the icon above to access A.R. Book Finder!

Accelerated Reader Home Connect  

Home Connect Accelerated Reader Home Connect is a way for parents and students to check in on current progress with the Accelerated Reader program. By clicking on the apple above, parents and students can see what A.R. quizzes have been taken, view quiz results, and check on the student's progress toward meeting their A.R. goal for the grading period. Parents, Home Connect also allows you to sign up for e-mails that will deliver your child's AR quiz results straight to your inbox. In order to access Home Connect, you will need the username and password issued to students at school.

AR: Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer program that helps manage and monitor a student's independent reading practice. A student picks a book at his/her own reading level and reads at his/her own pace. When a student finishes the book, he/she will take a short quiz about the book on the computer. Passing the quiz indicates that the student understood what was read.

One great feature of AR is that students choose their own books to read, rather than having books assigned to them. Teachers and librarians encourage students to read book at an appropriate readability level that is challenging without being frustrating. This ensures that a student can pass the quiz successfully while also enjoying the reading experience.

How do teachers set a student's AR point goal?

Teachers use an AR Goal Setting chart to determine a child's point goal for the nine-weeks. This chart provides guidelines for the approximate number of AR points students should be able to earn depending upon how much time they read and their reading level.

How does a student meet their AR goal?

In order to meet their AR goal a student must:

  1. Have 100% of their needed points (i.e. if the point goal is 10.0 points, then a student must have 10.0 points or higher)
  2. Have an average quiz score of 85% or higher (this is the average score on all AR quizzes taken during the 9-weeks)
  3. Have read books within their personalized reading range

Parents can check in on their child's AR progress by accessing AR Home Connect.

What books have AR quizzes? How many points will a student get for reading a certain book?

There are more than 152,000 AR quizzes available! You can check to see if a book has an AR quiz by searching the AR Book Finder site. AR Book Finder will also give you reading level and point value information.

How does the school determine my child's reading level?

Students at Fairmount are given a STAR reading test (a multiple-choice, computerized reading assessment) prior to beginning the AR program. This test determines the child's reading range and grade equivalent score. The reading range is the range of books that will challenge a student without causing them frustration or loss of motivation. It is important for students to read with a high degree of comprehension and within their reading range. At Fairmount, the STAR test is given three times per year since a child's reading level should improve throughout the school year.

How are books leveled?

Books are leveled using the ATOS readability formula, while an interest level is also assigned to each book.

ATOS levels represent the difficulty of a text. For example, a book level of 4.5 means the text could likely be read independently by a student whose reading skills are at the level of a typical fourth-grader in the fifth month of school. The content of the book, however, may or may not be appropriate. This is where interest level comes into play.

The interest level attached to a book indicates age group appropriateness. Interest levels are based on the recommendations of the publisher and literary book reviews. Accelerated Reader quizzes are divided into four interest levels:

  • LG= Lower Grades, K-3
  • MG= Middle Grades, 4-8
  • MG+= Middle Grades Plus, 6 and up
  • UG= Upper Grades, 9-12

What if a student does not do well on an AR quiz?

If a student does not score well on an AR quiz, there are some ways to work for improvement.

  • The next time the student chooses a book, he/she should double check that the book is within their personalized reading level range. (The reading level range is determined by the STAR test the student takes prior to starting AR.)
  • Parents might want to listen to their child read the AR book aloud. Parents can ask probing questions during the reading of the book to ensure the child understands what is being read.
  • Encourage your child to read their next AR book a couple of times through before taking a quiz.


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